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      Our company is the most comprehensive disposal unit for the hazardous waste disposal in Xinjiang, and also undertakes social work like safety rescue of dangerous chemical accident.

      At present, our company has the capability to receive and deal with various types of hazardous waste in the hw02-hw49 (hw15, hw44, hw45 excluded) of "National Hazardous Waste List" and conduct i harmless treatment, playing an important role in protecting the environment and human health.

      Medical waste HW01

      Medical waste HW02

      Waste drugs, drugs HW03

      Pesticide waste HW04

      Wood preservative waste HW05

      Waste organic solvents and waste with organic solvent HW06

      Heat treatment of cyanide waste HW07

      Waste mineral oil and waste with mineral oil HW08

      Oil / water, hydrocarbon / water mixture or emulsion HW09

      Polychlorinated (bromine) biphenyl waste HW10

      Fine (steam) distillation residue HW11

      Dye and paint waste HW12

      Organic resin waste HW13

      New chemical waste HW14

      Photosensitive material waste HW16

      Surface treatment waste HW17

      Incineration residue HW18

      Metal carbonyl compound waste HW19

      Beryllium waste HW20

      Chromium waste HW21

      Copper waste HW22

      Zinc waste HW23

      Arsenic waste HW24

      Selenium waste HW25

      Cadmium waste HW26

      Antimony waste HW27

      Waste tellurium waste HW28

      Mercury waste HW28

      Thallium waste HW30

      Lead waste HW31

      Inorganic fluoride waste HW32

      Inorganic cyanide waste HW33

      Waste acid HW34

      Waste alkali HW35

      Asbestos waste HW36

      Organic phosphorous compound waste HW37

      Organic cyanide waste HW38

      Phenol waste HW39

      Ether waste HW40

      Nickel waste HW46

      Barium waste HW47

      Nonferrous metal smelting waste HW48

      Waste catalyst HW50

      Other waste HW49

      With the most comprehensive and fully equipped hazardous waste analysis laboratory of the Autonomous Regions

      With large-scale automatic incinerator, waste oil recovery equipment, neutralizing tank, curing equipment and water treatment equipment to ensure harmless and reduction disposal on all types of hazardous waste safely and effectively and play the responsibility to protect the environment.

      There are two production bases in Xinjiang, covering about 1.1 million square meters. .

      Xishan base, Zhundong base

      At present, our project design disposal capability is about 190 thousand tons of hazardous waste. The processing methods include comprehensive utilization, physicochemical treatment, incineration treatment, solidification / stabilization, safe landfill, storage (highly toxic chemicals). We mainly collect and dispose industrial hazardous waste and waste hazardous chemicals, such as waste acid, waste organic solvents, waste mineral oil, distillation residue, and nickel waste.

      We will continue to enhance the level of hazardous waste treatment and processing technology so as to build up a strong core competitiveness of our enterprises. We will fully play our advantages, seek strategic partners widely with similar ambition and complementary advantages, working together to build Xinjiang's first-class waste treatment system engineering and achieve win-win result. We will further improve the level of environmental emergency response services and services scope to achieve market development, professional development and scale development, escorting the construction of beautiful Xinjiang with blue sky and green land.



      • Hotline :0991-3921071
      • Address: floor 1, Technology research and development building, No.107, Shanghai Road, Economic Development Zone, Urumqi, Xinjiang
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